Facebook announces Oculus Quest 2.

Announcing on a public post, the Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg announced the new release of Oculus Quest 2 with some super improvements compared to its predecessor.

Today we announced Oculus Quest 2. It’s lighter, faster and has a better display than the first generation — and it starts at just $299.It’s fully wireless and it has hands-down the best content library of any VR system out there. We wanted this next version of Quest to be something anyone can jump into, with the best and most immersive experience out there, and we wanted to price it so it’s available to as many people as possible.There are a bunch of improvements to the hardware. This is the first major consumer device that runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 platform. It’s fully customized for VR and AR with support for multiple cameras and tech like fixed foveated rendering. The end result is a more immersive experience with crisper graphics, more dynamic environments, and ultimately a more realistic feeling of presence.The display is better. Instead of two OLEDs, Quest 2 has a single LCD for super high-res visuals, and a new system for adjusting the optics that makes it easier to dial in the visual settings that are right for you.We’ve redesigned the Touch controllers with more efficient tracking and optimized haptics. The new controllers deliver a better feeling of hand presence and stronger physical feedback. For apps that don’t use our full hand tracking, this will make a better experience all around.We’ve made a lot of software updates too. For example, a lot of people have been using VR for fitness, so we’ve built in a system-level fitness tracker that helps you keep tabs on how much exercise you’re getting while playing some of your favorite titles. It’s called Oculus Move, and it lets you set VR fitness goals and track them across games and apps.These are just a few of the improvements that make Quest 2 the best all-in-one VR experience out there. I’ve really been enjoying using mine during this lockdown, and I’m looking forward to getting these in more of your hands in just a few weeks.